Garnering a reputation for the quality and professionalism of our models and actors and for the impeccable service and flexibility we offer our clients, Kitsch has become the agency of choice for many of the biggest clients in the business.

How did Kitsch start? Kitsch, previously owned by Sharon Sandell saw a gap in the market. As a highly experienced art director for twenty years - booking child models for catalogues, national magazines and promotions - Sharon knew that 'real', fresh-faced models were hard to find. From a standing start, in a highly competitive market, Kitsch Kids carved out a niche that was all its own, working with big names from the High Street and Television.

Thanks to the success of the children's agency, Sharon's clients soon began asking her to supply adult models, extras and actors. The briefs that she received showed that there was a massive demand for 'real' people of all ages. So Kitsch Kids grew up, and Kitsch Agency was born - designed as a one-stop shop for clients, whatever age of model, extra or actor their business requires, Kitsch can provide.