Do you accept everyone who applies onto your books?

At Kitsch Agency we pride ourselves on giving everyone a fair chance. We and our clients - are not looking for 'chocolate box' good looks, but a fair representation of people of all shapes and sizes. We accept both adults and children onto our books if we feel that they will stand a good chance of getting some work, and if they have the right attitude in front of camera. Unlike some other agencies, we professionally photograph and assess everyone before taking them on so we can see how they adapt to modelling and TV work.

How will we be promoted to potential clients?

Our main means of promoting our models is through our marketing. Most of our work is via email, briefs are sent through by a range of clients and casting agents all of who have access to our professionally managed and securely-run website. This means that art directors and clients can access the details of both our adults and children on our books at their convenience, and, by making it simple for them, we hope to secure more modelling and TV jobs for everyone in our Agency.

How can I tell if I am joining a reputable agency?

First of all, our Agency is run by mothers so you can be sure that we have your children’s best interests at heart. Kitsch Agency is owned by Kelly Kalfa who has many years experience in dance, musical theater & performance and whose children have been acting and modelling within the industry since 2009. Please have a read our terms and conditions, you will see that we are very clear about our responsibilities and how you will be recompensed when a job is comple. Finally, we are fully accountable to you, and you can call us with any questions or queries you may have.

If we are accepted by Kitsch Agency, will work be guaranteed?

It's not possible for any modelling agency to guarantee you work. Ultimately that decision is made by our clients, who are the ones who choose who they will take on for each job. You can be assured though that we will do our best to ensure that our external marketing means clients have the information they need to access our website where your model card will be displayed in a fresh, attractive and easy-to-use format. Of course it is in our interests to make sure that we place as many models in jobs as possible so this is where we concentrate our efforts.

Are there any legal requirements I need to know about for my child to do modelling work?

Every child up to the age of 16 will need a local education authority licence  for each & every assignment. This involves getting a letter of authorised absence from your child's head teacher. We will advise and guide you on this and more details are in our information sheet that you will receive when you join.

I have heard agencies should not charges upfront fees, is this right?

You will find that nearly all agencies will charge some sort of fee, whether this is a joining fee, a fee to appear on their website, fees for professional photography etc etc. Agencies are not allowed to charge upfront fees if they are only a model agency, We are both a modelling and acting agency providing models, actors and extras for catalogues, point of sale and internet as well as the TV and Film industry.

Does Kitsch Agency charge any fees and how does this work?

If we accept you/your child, although we do not charge 'registration fees', we will ask you to cover the cost for the creation and maintenance of your online publication of £50 and £25 for the shoot with the Agency photographer.  Photographs on our website must be of a good standard in order to give you the best opportunity of work. its also our chance to meet both you and your child and see what types of work they would be confident to undertake.

If you have any further questions you may contact us on 07565 608151. If your question is one that we receive often we will post it on this page.